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Very frustrating to have this person/computer keep calling with no message. Even when you answer they aren't there or appear to hang up.
Guest (North Aurora, United States) Oct 5 2012, 2:17 am Post
Keep getting this phone number calling too. No response.
Guest (North Aurora, United States) Oct 5 2012, 2:16 am Post
This time they call from 91660 and say they are from the Ministry of JUSTICE. The claim is that they have a amount of money on your behalf that they have recovered for you from banks. As i work for the MOJ i can tell you that this is total tosh. Do not be fooled they are of course scammers. I had some fun with them but got a little bored before they asked me for my bank details. They will claim that once you have given them what you want, they will send an agent of the MOJ to your address with a check. In my case £3500. The caller was of Asian origin. A little abuse for my amusemenmt did not go well and he seemed offended. As you can imagine i was distraught ( Like Hell i was)

With callers of this type that are simply trying to con you, can i suggest you go through with the conversation and pretend to be on there side. At least you can smile at the time you have wasted for them. I was imagining the smiley face they had when they thought they had hooked me. I gave a little chuckle to myself onceit was obvious to them i was taking the p-$s.
Me (2.222.140.*) May 10 2012, 12:52 pm Post
I've gotten four calls within the three days for this number.    I usually just answer, set the phone down and walk away.    Sometimes I hear "goodbye" and the line disconnects, but sometimes there's a human voice.    Next time, I may use the whistle on my keychain....
Linneyob (Abilene, United States) Mar 24 2012, 3:32 am Post
We received a call from an Indian Man who said the Elders Board requested our Church be removed from their list.    I asked what list it was he said Local Geo Spaces Online.    (atleast that is what I thought, my superior said it was Local US Pages).    I trasferred his call to my boss who asked a lot of questions:    How did you recieve this request?    Who signed the request?    He kept saying the board.    She kept asking who specifically signed this request, it wasn't signed "The Elders".    He couldn't answer so she said let me check with another department, we are a large facility and it may have come from somewhere else.    Then he hung up.
Church (United States) Dec 8 2011, 2:43 pm Post
Indian woman calling to confirm having my business listing removed from their website.    She claimed I owed them 600 dollars.    I told her to f:-k off.    Her accent was so strong I couldn't make out what business she said she represented.    Now I'm p-$sed!
Jay (Cary, United States) Nov 9 2011, 4:45 pm Post