Newest comments in prefix 937

This number (93793531942) keeps calling my cell phone multiple times over a 10-20 minutes period; sometimes back to back less than a minute apart.    I have not answered it and WILL NOT answer it.    I have it marked in my phone directory under the contact name "DO NOT ANSWER".    This has been going on for the last three days.    

After about 3 calls this morning, it then sent a TEXT message that said, "answer your phone."    Interestingly, the text message came in with a 011 prefix (i.e. an international cell phone from Afghanistan?). Nobody in my family or circle of friends is there so... still, no need to answer.

Also, I've had other calls in the past that are like this number (i.e. with an extra number/digit to the standard xxx-xxx-xxxx format).    If I 'assume' the first digits are the area code 937, then the call is coming from Bellefontaine OH.    But who knows which digit is the extra one.

Always DO NOT ANSWER an unidentified ("you don't know them") number!!!    ESPECially when they cloak their number or location with an extra digit.    Very likely, it's not the only thing they are hiding.

bj (Cedar City, United States) Apr 10 2011, 6:06 pm Post